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Career Development Training

Resume Writing: Expert guidance on crafting impactful resumes that stand out to

Interview Skills Coaching: Training to improve interview techniques, boosting
confidence and success rates.

Job Placement Assistance: Connecting trained individuals with potential employers
for suitable job opportunities.

Life Skills Training

On-the-Job Training Programs: Hands-on training that equips individuals with
practical skills relevant to their career paths.

Small Business Management Classes: Educational courses designed to help aspiring
entrepreneurs successfully launch and manage their businesses.

Comprehensive Life Coaching: Programs aimed at improving personal effectiveness
and achieving life goals.

Health and Well-being

Mental Health Counseling: Services include group and one-on-one counseling
sessions to support mental health and wellness.

Health Education Classes: Offering courses in CPR, First Aid, HIV awareness, and
gun safety to promote health and safety in the community.

Yoga and Anger Management Courses: Programs focused on physical health and
emotional regulation, contributing to overall well-being.

Community Support

Food Pantry Services: Weekly distribution to support local families in need.

Housing Assistance Programs: Resources and support for securing stable housing.

Support for Veterans: Transition assistance and PTSD management for veterans.

Senior Services

-Advocacy and support programs.
-Technology training and wellness workshops.

Returning Citizens

-Reintegration support including job training and legal assistance.
-Skill development and mentorship programs.

Everyday Citizen Engagement

-Opportunities for community involvement and volunteerism.
-Educational programs on civic awareness and participation.

Youth and Adult Education

Programs for Teens and Young Adults: Preparing the younger generation for
adulthood with essential skills and knowledge.

Strategic Partnerships and Networking

Collaboration with Employers: Working closely with local businesses to supply well-
trained candidates for employment.

Networking Events: Facilitating events that connect community members with each
other and with valuable resources, enhancing opportunities for all.

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