Just Write is a God sent. I was having a hard time obtaining employment but after attending interview/resume prep class things changed for the better. The classes provided me with vital information. I was able to find a job in my career field and I’m forever thankful.

-E. Johnson

Just Write Consulting is an amazing company. I am so thankful to have come in contact with the owner, Melissa Myers. Through Just Write Consulting, I was able to land two awesome contract opportunities. I was also helped with revamping my resume which allowed employers to really see my skills and how much value I can bring to a company. I think the programs and opportunities Just Write Consulting is bringing to the community is amazing and I look forward to continuously working closely with them in the future.

-V. Exil

I can’t say enough how grateful I am for Just Write Consulting and how with their help it has turned my life around. I had been working in the same position at a call center for 5 years. I desperately wanted a change and didn’t know how to go about it. I had met Melissa at a women’s empowerment dinner and explained to her how I wanted to venture into another field of work where I will find a better career path. She asked me to send her my resume.
Luckily, I had my resume saved on my phone and she didn’t hesitate to look over it for me. She quickly gave me a few tips on enhancing my resume to make myself more marketable in the job market. I took the tips she gave me, and I instantly updated my resume on the job sites I had previously posted to. Within a few days, I began to get more views of my resume and within the week had a couple of interviews lined up. I called Melissa about the good news and she asked me to meet with her so she could go over a checklist of things to prepare myself for the interview. It had been years since I had an interview, and this really helped me in a major way. I am now working at a company where my career path has plenty of opportunities for me. Thank you, Melissa, for your expertise and your commitment to helping the common person reach their potential.

-V. Brown

Just Write Consulting has helped me personally in many ways. I was offered two jobs in no time at all. My interviewing skills and confidence in doing them have made a significant change and has allowed for working in the work place a more positive thing for me. I’m truly thankful I had the opportunity to work with Just Write Consulting Inc.

-K. Williams

Just Write has been such a great asset for my medical students. My students have received assistance for interviews preparation, and resume writing.
Just Write has delivered professional service and one on one attention my students needed. I will continue to use their service for future candidates.

-S. Adams

Melissa Myers Founder of Just Write Consulting had selflessly provided her time and expertise to the Edgerrin James Foundation by speaking to young men about the importance of social media and how it can cause an effect on your future.  Through her teachings, she provided information to the young men on what hiring managers and companies look for and how representing a negative character can hurt your chance of earning a scholarship, getting into college and obtaining employment.  Through her guidance, I noticed a quick turnaround on how the young men utilized social media and they began to care more about their future.  Melissa was a mother that some of these young men didn’t have as she genuinely cared by the way she spoke and showed love to each one.  For that our organization is forever grateful.

-J. James